The 5 Most Common Villains of Beach Clean Ups

Caz Tomisson

Caz Tomisson

Dedicated volunteer and secret super hero.

The Beach Clean Initiative is run by two fabulous human beings; Liz and Hannes. They have been organising these events since 2018. We meet every Saturday at 11am, and assemble on the same strip of beach. We do this to take note of the amount of rubbish collected each week.

This is done by weighing all the bags that the team heroically return with at midday. It is important to monitor this, so we can compare it to other weeks, or even years, to notice any changes throughout the seasons. This information is then passed on to the local town hall, so they too have a record.

After a while, you can start to see that some items appear more regularly than others. Whilst all rubbish is a problem, and believe us it is, we can clearly see the top five items of trash from the beach.

The most common items left on Barcelona beach cause harm in the same way that infamous villains do, and we will tell you why! Similar to felons in the comics, these evil-doers cause substantial damage to those around them, and need good hearted people to stop them.

Over the next five weeks we will post our top five rubbish villains along with their supervillain counterparts. Keep reading to see if you agree with our selection! Can you think of another common item of rubbish and how it resembles a super villain? Let us know on Instagram or tell us in person at the next clean up! We are open for suggestions and would love to hear from you.

We can’t wait for you to dive into these articles with us.

See you next week!