Initiating a cleaner world

Join our weekly beach cleanups in Barcelona

Every Saturday morning at 11am at the beach of Barceloneta

We are looking forward to meeting you and clean our oceans together

Due to the current situation can we only let you join our team if you let us know when you will join us in advance and after we have confirmed your participation.

Direct Action

With our group of volunteers we are organizing weekly beach cleanups in Barcelona. We are always looking forward to welcoming new people to our team. So join us in making our planet an even more beautiful place.

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Community Awareness

We want to support everybody who wants to do good for the environment. For this aim, we have worked with many different kinds of groups, from kindergartens to companies.

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Your Awareness

To make informed decisions about our behavior, we need to inform ourselves about the problems we can cause first. We have created a blog to publish articles about the basic facts of plastic pollution, as well as stories about our environmental impact.

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“A great way to contribute to a project that cares about the environment and the health of our seas and oceans.”

"Personally, I believe that in front of the inactivity of the Public Services facing climate emergency, we must take the initiative to improve our daily habits and prevent the oceans from being used as dumping grounds. As a group, volunteers are aware of the negative impact that plastic has on the ecosystem and the serious consequences for future generations if appropriate measures are not taken."
Raluca Ianovici

Clean Beach Initiative


What a successful year – We were able to collect more than 1 tonne of trash from the beaches of Barcelona in 2019! Thank you for your dedication and support, this is what keeps us going.  We plan to push forward until there is #NoMorePlastic to be found at the beaches. We are so grateful for every person who joins our #beachcleanup. Follow us on our social media to stay up to date on our work.