We want to support everyboby to do good for our environment. This is why we offer many kinds of cooperations, adapting ourselves to the interests and needs of our partners. We have experiences in working with several different kinds of institutions and companies, from kindergartens to multinationals. Our team will be able to develop a fruitful cooperation tailored to your ideas and the needs of our planet.

If you already know how we can support you, or you would lilke to support us, just go ahead and get in contact with us. If you still need some inspiration just keep reading.

Our Experiences

Activities with adults

We get many different kinds of requests from very different kinds of groups about the possibility of organizing cleanups together, or any other kind of events related to the environment. We always try to help out where we can and try to make your ideas possible, or give you ideas of what we can achieve together.

We have done cleanups with groups of colleagues, students and other organizations and will try to organize an activity with you, if you have a group of at least 10 people. If you do not have a final group you can, of course, already get in contact with us to start the planning.


Why do cleanups as a company?

  • Cleanups are a great team activity
  • Doing good for the planet leaves a good feeling in everybody
  • Shows first hand the big impact that human action has
  • Brings groups closer together and people bond through a positive and intensive common experience.
  • Show your engagement to create a cleaner world

Apart from cleanups we also offer to support you with your own events. We have helped companies to include environment friendly activities in their events and team builing activities. On other occasions did we do presentations about the importance of environment friendly behavior at the work place and in the daily life. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Activities with kids

Our behaviour towards the environment is a matter of education and awareness of the impacts that individual and collective actions can have. That humans have the power to shape the earth to their will is a fact as any other fact we learn about our environment in classes like biology or physics. However, is the proper education about the desastrous influence of people on the ecosystems often not part of classes at school, or even of the education that teachers receive.

Why do cleanups with children?

  • Children are aware of their environment from a very young age.
  • Already in kindergarten age can an appropriate activity spark their interest in deeper topics of our environment.
  • They are able to understand structural relationships, such as our polluting of the earth and the dying of wild animals
  • There are very playful ways of getting the kids engaged with what they find.
  • Cleanups are a good way of teaching about recycling and the proper way of sorting waste.

We make sure that every group receives a proper introduction before the activity and we only agree to go ahead with any further planning before hand, if we know that the children who join will have enough grown-up guidance and supervision at all times during the cleanups. 


Examples of who we worked with