Volunteers are those people, that decide to support the Clean Beach Initiative and take part in the events and activities, without being an official member of the association.

Vontunteers have the following rights:

  • receive periodical information about the activities of the Clean Beach Initiative
  • receive apropriate information and education, within the possibilities of the association, to be able to carry out the voluntary work they are asigned
  • have the apropriate means and support, within the possibilities of the association, to carry out the voluntary work
  • receive a final certificate at the end of their work, to be able to proof their voluntary work to third persons
  • be insured to cover harm caused to third persons or themselves unvoluntarily, while carrying out the work they have been assigned
  • to discuss freely and in a comfortable manner their work and responsabilities as a volunteer with the board of directors, such as schedules, activities, etc

Volunteers have the following responsabilities:

  • to collaborate and support in what is considert the necessary actions to reach the aims of the association by the board of directors
  • be responsable and with good faith, while not accepting any financial or material recompensation for their work as a volunteer
  • always support the entity of the association and respect its norms and rules
  • comply with the rules of respect, safety and hygiene of the association
  • state all information that is needed by the association about them truthful

When can a person be considered a volunteer?

In order to be accepted as a volunteer, the association has to receive an official request, that the person would like to take part in specific activities. This request has to be received by the association at least an hour before the activity starts. This official request includes a statement that the person has read all of the terms and conditions that apply to them as a volunteer. If any point should not be clear to the person, she or he has to get in contact with an official member of the association and have all doubt cleared, before the request is sent. In case the person does not receive an answer to their registration as a volunteer, she or he is also requested to get in contact with the association and request an official statement, that admits her or him as a volunteer.